Source: and e-mails received from clients.


Alex has insane talent, incredible knowledge, and is super sweet and down to earth.

I first got my lashes done for my wedding. She has a great special for brides that includes a trial to be sure that there will be no allergic reactions or problems. I loved not having to wear a false eyelash “strip” at my wedding, and having the lash extensions last through the honeymoon! Each lash is perfectly placed, and the overall application is flawless. I love that hers really last- I’ve wore them to Hawaii a few times and even through tanning oil, salt water, high winds, and sweat, they lasted over 3 weeks!

I also highly recommend the facial waxing and eyebrow shaping.

The other reviewers are spot-on, AC Lashes are the best in the area!

Rei Y. , (Seattle, WA)


Alex is the best!!! I’ve been to many places in the area and she tops them all.

Lil'Julie A. , (Kirkland, WA)


This place was fantastic! I was very nervous because I have seen some crazy extensions done before. I wanted a long yet natural look and that’s exactly what Alex gave me. She truly loves what she does and it shows! I recommend this place and Alex to all of my friends so I thought it was only fair to share!

Krista S. , (Chandler, AZ)


Alexandria does incredible work. She is meticulous about ensuring the lashes look perfect. This is my first set. All of my girlfriends are jealous of how full and long my lashes are without looking over-the-top. Compared to others I have seen, these are by far the best. They look so glamourous. I don’t have to wear a drop of makeup with them and I still get hit on. Alex is also just sweet and adorable as well as professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking for gorgeous and perfect eyelash extensions.

Kelsey H. , (Port Orchard, WA)


Alex is amazing. I receive so many compliments when I am out. The best part is that people think they are my lashes, not extensions. She is always professional and easy to talk to. Alex makes sure I do not leave her spa until every lash is perfect, even if it takes a little extra time. She is the best!

Allison H., (Bellevue, WA)


Alex does a really wonderful job on the eyelash extensions!! They last for a long time and never get messy and tangled. Her pricing is reasonable and she tells you what’s good for you. I recently moved to California and am so worried that I can’t find anyone does extensions as well as she does!! I wish she’s here! 🙂

Gini C. , (Mercer Island, WA)


As soon as I walked into Alexandria’s spa, things somehow just seemed right. It is in a sanitary, well appointed space. There is tranquil music playing in the background. She has you rest on what appears to be a massage table where she painstakingly applies each lash. You can either chat with her or zone out. I am comfortable the whole time. Now about the results! They really are the best. I get complements all the time from strangers, acquaintances, and friends alike. Also, I can really tell the difference between the ones I get done here and the other ones I’ve seen around. It’s become a big trend for salons and big boutiques to offer lash extensions. I’ve leaned that oftentimes some of these technicians don’t know what they are doing. Other women I’ve met have told me that they are really lucky if they have any lashes left after two weeks. Mine last about 3 weeks to a month in between fills and look great.

To sum it up, Alex is a great technician who knows what she’s doing and has a passion for it. She knows how to tailor lashes to each individual, whether you want subtle, all out dramatic, or somewhere in between like me. I would never go anywhere else.

Madame R. , (Seattle, WA)


Alex was great. I first saw her work on a friend and couldn’t stop looking at her eyes. I’m hooked…she considers herself an artist and really thinks about the right shape of the lashes on your eyes to best complement your eyes and face shape. She is an absolute perfectionist which is good especially when she’s working near your eyes. She is honest and will tell you if you need extensions or tinting (which is less $) The location is a little weird but you get over it once you see her work.

Dorothy L., (Bellevue, WA)


I almost don’t want to tell people how amazing Alex is at applying lashes. My lashes are short and straight. Curling them does nothing and having contacts and allergies made mascara difficult. I have been to all the lash salon specialists in Seattle and was so disappointed. They were either applied poorly, or didn’t last even though to my 2 week fill.

I was about to give up when I found Alex! She is so good at what she does. Her lashes are beautiful. They look glam, but natural at the same time. She is speedy and fun to chat to while you under her expert care. She even cleans up my brows while I’m there! Her prices are good too!

She sends me a text reminder a few days before my appointment and if I need to reschedule, I can do it by phone or text.

I love that I can leave the house now, add a little lip gloss and still look beautiful. Her lash extensions are the best! I recommend her with very high praise.

Beck H., (Seattle, WA)


I AM VERY IMPRESSED by Alexandria’s precise work on my eyelash extension and eyebrows. She is extremely knowledgeable on how to work with my short straight asian eyelashes. Her prices are extremely reasonable i will be coming back for more! I have been to Dina S. Goods, and Salon tewl, and believe that her price and services is much more better. Definitely a recommended place all types of ethnicity. The place is in a very comfortable setting with relaxing soothing music while the service is being performed.

Linzy N., (Mill Creek, WA)


I LOVE my eyelash extenions!!! Alex does an AMAZING job and uses high quality Nova lashes. The length and curl is perfect and they last a long time. Alex’s rates are great, too.

You can tell Alex is a perfectionist when it comes to eyelashes – she makes sure each one is placed on perfectly and you have an even amount of lashes on each eye. She’s truly an “eyelash artist” and you can tell she really cares about making sure every client leaves her studio with the best looking set of eyelashes ever.

Not only that – but she has great rates. I was getting my nails done at a local spa and they saw I had eyelash extensions and tried to vie for my business for lashes. I told them I was extremely happy with Alex and had no plans of switching, so then they tried to win with cost. They were nearly twice as expensive! Their fills alone were like $100! And truly – even if they were cheaper – I wouldn’t switch from Alex. She’s the best.

I recently started getting my brows waxed there too. 5 stars for brow waxing and shaping too.

Gina C., (Bellevue, WA)


I’ve been getting lash extensions for almost two years now. For the first year and half, I’ve been on a quest to find a technician that could give me the extensions that I completely satisified with. My quest ended six months ago, when Alex did my lashes. Thank you Alex! For providing a service that helps girls like myself look prettier.

Judy Kim , (Mill Creek, WA)


Alex is great! I have been to several other spas that also offer eyelash extensions and have had the best experience with her. I was leaving overseas and I called her several days before and she squeezed me in. While I was overseas, I was in 90 degree heat, swam in salt water and was in very windy weather and my lashes survived! I feel this speaks well for the quality of the lashes and glue she uses. The price is very reasonable for the quality. I have been recommending Alex to all my friends who envy my lashes.

Kelly C. B. , (Kirkland, WA)


I’ve tried several different lash extension locations in Seattle and Eastside over the years and I have to say Alex is the BEST! I’ve been going to her for over a year now and I will never look back to the other boutiques. She takes her time with the lashes without making you feel like you’re just another number. I get countless compliments from Alex’s work I never received when I went to other lash extension places. I don’t know how she does it but these lashes look totally natural yet glamorous at the same time! You are NOT going to run into clumpy overuse of the glue with her or over applying lashes on each individual lashes.

The ONLY reason why I didn’t give a 5 star rating is not because of the quality of her work but because I live sort of far from her current location in Issaquah. I have a pretty busy schedule and it’s hard for me to trek it all the way out there. However, I do always make it out that far because that’s how much I am addicted and love her work. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family!

Sophia Y., (Bellevue, WA)